You know the old adage. Birds of a feather flock together. It holds true in business relationships. When companies find likeness in their underlying approach to their clients, it only makes sense they would find success working together. That’s exactly how it is for local software development firm Worthwhile and Greyrock. They simply want the same things, albeit in different industries.

When you ask Ruben Hentzschel, Worthwhile’s VP of Client Solutions, to describe their business to you, his passion is unmistakable. “Worthwhile is the best partner ever. You want to work with us,” exudes Hentzschel in his immediate response. “We are focused on partnering with our customers and work to truly understand what their needs are.” For Worthwhile, success is defined by their clients, and they work to understand what that looks like both long-term and short-term, and also understand what failure would look like as well. “We are only happy when our customers are happy,” Hentzschel says. In speaking with him, you get the feeling everyone on the Worthwhile team must carry the same passion and eagerness for developing software and web applications that wow their clients.

Worthwhile’s expertise and client list spans many different industries. They built dedicated apps that simplify complicated, legally arduous input processes for companies in the healthcare industry. They can take a client’s idea for their website and mobile app and build, host and maintain it from dawn to dusk or they can simply set it and forget it, ensuring the setup remains updated and secure for their clients. It’s up to Worthwhile’s clients, once the project is complete, the level of support and maintenance they would prefer. Worthwhile is the kind of firm that sets out to solve business challenges for their clients with web and software solutions. So, no matter the budget or scope, the Worthwhile team will work to find a solution that makes sense for your business need.

It makes perfect sense that a software development company would have a dedicated accounting firm. It’s simply not their center of expertise. However, Ruben, the man at the helm of the relationship with Greyrock, has an accounting background. Why dedicate precious revenue to an outsource service provider when a key team member has the skills you need? For Worthwhile, Greenville Chamber’s 2015 Small Business of the Year, it simply makes more sense to partner with an accounting firm like Greyrock. Worthwhile decided strategically it was the better approach, allowing them to truly focus on exceeding their clients’ expectations.

Worthwhile is still somewhat of a hidden gem in Greenville, which is quickly becoming known as a boom town for creative and digital innovation firms. It’s obvious that, much like their name, Worthwhile will be around for quite some time, and Greyrock is honored to have the opportunity to serve them.