Financial Strategy And Analysis

Details, data and direction.

Greyrock is all about the details. We take the time upfront to examine real data in a way that is useful to you and the growth of your business. We provide you with the data you would expect to get from your accounting department as well as the direction you would receive from your CFO.

We understand that details matter.

We study the trends to ensure you realize the profitability you deserve. These are some of the services available to our clients:

Services We Provide

  • Accountability to owner/manager to measure performance against desired goals
  • Work with owner/manager to prepare a business plan, develop long- & short-term goals, and set financial strategy to achieve those goals
  • Develop 5/10/15 year plans based on goals and strategies
  • Create financial statement forecasts to support long range plans
  • Develop pro-forma models based on different scenarios
  • Long- & short-term cash forecasting
  • Prepare annual budgets
  • Prepare policies and procedures to achieve effective controls
  • Ongoing consulting with owner/manager to address various needs as they arise

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