It probably goes without saying that most of the time, the staff at any non-profit organization is accustomed to wearing many hats. Typically, non-profits are founded based on a mission and a vision that far outweighs the desire or need to make profits beyond covering basic expenses and paying necessary employees. For the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) and their staff, headquartered in downtown Greenville, this is absolutely true.

The NCCAA was founded upon and still exists today to make a positive impact for Christ through collegiate athletics. The NCCAA is an association of Christ-centered universities and colleges that use athletics to further the Great Commission. The NCCAA hosts multiple national and regional championships, in addition to helping student-athletes raise funds to support them on mission trips. For the NCCAA, athletics is a great gateway to a larger conversation, because no matter where you travel in the world, everyone you meet can relate to sports in some way.

Erica Zeigler is Office Manager for the NCCAA headquarters office in Greenville, but to hear her describe her duties, her role is more like a small business owner than simply an office manager. Erica oversees many financial aspects of the NCCAA in her position, and works closely with the Greyrock team, connecting with them several times a week by phone or in person. Greyrock has been working with the NCCAA for over three years, and in that time the two organizations have learned together.

The NCCAA chose Greyrock as their accounting firm because, although they could not ever be the big budget client many firms might hope for, they were searching for the accountant who would treat them as such. According to Erica, Greyrock has absolutely met that need. “We are a client just like any other client. We strive to be good partners, and they do their best to satisfy our urgent or out of the ordinary requests. You can tell they are working as hard as we are to make it all work.”

For the NCCAA, their biggest challenge is renewal of their non-profit status, and working with Greyrock has made this ardent task as seamless and convenient as it could possibly be. For Erica, who had experienced the renewal process in another organization with another accountant, she knew it could be a painstaking experience. However, working with Greyrock proved it didn’t have to be that way. “They know what they’re doing, they’re more than willing to help me. They don’t just give the answers, they explain why,” says Zeigler about working with Greyrock. For Erica and the NCCAA, working with Greyrock has been a growth and a learning process, and Greyrock has helped Erica become more confident in her role when it comes to answering financial questions. When Erica recently took a leave of absence from her role, her biggest concern upon returning was having to clean up from not being there to manage all the financials. With Greyrock at the helm, not only was there no clean up required, but for Erica’s team, it was almost as if she never left.

For the NCCAA, choosing Greyrock was an easy choice; a local, caring, relationship oriented accounting firm. For Greyrock, it’s just another day doing what they do: helping, learning, and teaching…one client relationship at a time.