Our Clients

Greyrock brings a personal level of engagement and understanding to every client’s accounting, financial reporting and strategic needs. We base our approach on building relationships that create a genuine partnership with you to meet your specific needs. Find below just a few examples of the personal and professional relationships that highlight our unique approach to accounting services.

Meet Erica Zeigler

Office Manager for the NCCAA

Erica Zeigler is Office Manager for the NCCAA headquarters office in Greenville, but to hear her describe her duties, her role is more like a small business owner than simply an office manager. Erica oversees many financial aspects of the NCCAA in her position, and works closely with the Greyrock team, connecting with them several times a week by phone or in person. Greyrock has been working with the NCCAA for over three years, and in that time the two organizations have learned together.

The NCCAA chose Greyrock as their accounting firm because, although they could not ever be the big budget client many firms might hope for, they were searching for the accountant who would treat them as such. According to Erica, Greyrock has absolutely met that need.  “We are a client just like any other client. We strive to be good partners, and they do their best to satisfy our urgent or out of the ordinary requests.  You can tell they are working as hard as we are to make it all work.”

For the NCCAA, their biggest challenge is renewal of their non-profit status, and working with Greyrock has made this ardent task as seamless and convenient as it could possibly be. For Erica, who had experienced the renewal process in another organization with another accountant, she knew it could be a painstaking experience. However, working with Greyrock proved it didn’t have to be that way. “They know what they’re doing, they’re more than willing to help me. They don’t just give the answers, they explain why,” says Zeigler about working with Greyrock. For Erica and the NCCAA, working with Greyrock has been a growth and a learning process, and Greyrock has helped Erica become more confident in her role when it comes to answering financial questions. When Erica recently took a leave of absence from her role, her biggest concern upon returning was having to clean up from not being there to manage all the financials. With Greyrock at the helm, not only was there no clean up required, but for Erica’s team, it was almost as if she never left.

For the NCCAA, choosing Greyrock was an easy choice; a local, caring, relationship oriented accounting firm. For Greyrock, it’s just another day doing what they do: helping, learning, and teaching…one client relationship at a time.

Meet Rebecca & Bryan Feldman

Franchise Owners

Shortly after we were married, we were given the opportunity to purchase the Two Men And A Truck Greenville franchise. We began the business with two trucks and in the following years added franchises in Tallahassee, FL, Richmond, VA, and Chesterfield, VA. As our companies grew so did our daily work load and by the fourth business, we knew it was time for some help.

We were introduced to Greyrock through some friends and met with Scott Wigginton to discuss our business challenges. Our unique situation involved a 3-way partnership for three of the franchises and sole ownership of another. With a business involving large amounts of paperwork, we literally had no time to think about the future. During our first meeting with them it was apparent to both of us that they were the perfect fit for our business and could provide us with a customized plan to keep our business moving.

Not only have they helped us pay our bills and file our tax returns, but Greyrock has helped us go beyond the day-to-day by providing a road map for our next move. They helped us evaluate what we were currently doing and encouraged us to consider other things we would like to accomplish. We communicate daily and know that we can contact them anytime we have a question or concern. We truly feel like they are investing in our business as partners, helping us to grow and succeed.

Greyrock’s impact on our business has led us to look at investing in other franchises and companies, and they have connected us with people who line up well with our business goals. Greyrock is currently helping us structure our individual franchises correctly by forming a management company so that we can take a small step back from the day-to-day in order to focus more on the future of our business. The decision to hire Greyrock has been our best move yet.

Milt Lowder, Ph.D

Founder and Licensed Pyschologist

I started my practice in 2005, doing everything I could to provide quality psychological services to the Greenville community and to generate interest in my practice. During the early years, I had to play multiple roles including being the psychologist, office manager, intake coordinator, and accountant. In our line of work we have to recognize the sensitive and personal nature of the relationships we develop with our clients, making it hard to remember that we are actually running a business. As we grew, it became evident that we needed someone to help with the accounting responsibilities of our practice.

Scott Wigginton and the Greyrock team have educated us on practical strategies for handling the accounting side of our business. We have added several employees since partnering with Greyrock and they have helped to manage our growth with solid advice, helping us to run our practice in a professional and profitable way. In fact, our business practices have improved simply by observing the way Greyrock conducts their own business; we lean on them for every aspect of our practice.

Greyrock has taken a genuine interest in our business, our vision and our goals. They have transformed our practice and helped us establish systems, procedures, and structures that allow all of us at the Lowdergroup to focus on what we do best. Greyrock also brings CFO experience to bear on our practice, providing not only timely and accurate data, but with the ability to communicate what the data means in terms of where we have been and where we are headed.

Our vision is to be the premiere provider of psychological services to the Upstate and beyond by being a relevant and knowledgeable resource for our clients. Knowing that Greyrock is taking care of our business, beyond the numbers, provides us with time and energy to serve our clients and achieve that vision.

Meet Tom Merritt and Mike Pereyo

Co-Founder’s and CEO’s

When it came time to restructure our organization and plan for the future we contacted Greyrock. They took the time to learn about us and our business. We consider them our financial experts who are scalable. As we grow they continue to grow with us in a strategic, rather than transactional, way.

Their team is engaged in our business and we receive a large level of involvement from them. In fact, they make us feel like our company is all they think about at any given time of the day. They hire great people which means we get to work with great people that are very different from anybody else that we have ever worked with.

Greyrock sees the Big Picture of our business and provides strong, solid guidance for all that we do. They line up well with our corporate purpose and our business relationship is more than just numbers on paper. They have earned our trust and impacted our business.

As a company that produces uniforms that aren’t, we enjoy working with accountants that aren’t.

Experienced Accounting. Exceptional Service.