You may have heard of The Graphic Cow and know them as a custom apparel provider. However, they would describe themselves a little differently. When you ask The Graphic Cow what they do, they would tell you they simplify fun. They simplify fun because, most of the time, their customers are coming to them to create a token of remembrance of a fun event. The Graphic Cow makes custom apparel simple. Their customer is typically a volunteer who has been tasked with creating, ordering, and delivering custom shirts to a group of people. The process is not something they do everyday, nor do they understand the intricacies of custom apparel. There are many steps in the process, including timing, artwork, sizing, delivery and payment. The Graphic Cow takes the burden of the entire process off the person and the group requesting custom apparel. The only thing you need is an idea, and a group that wants the idea created on custom apparel. The Graphic Cow has a world-class, agency quality art staff and can turn around an order in 5 days from start to finish. A customer of The Graphic Cow can call on Monday with a custom apparel order, and the final product will be shipped, bagged and individually labeled for each group member, and delivered to the customer by Friday. The Graphic Cow can take the service level a step further and accept individual payments for a group order, completely automating the entire process for any custom apparel order. The folks at The Graphic Cow have fun creating custom apparel, and making it easy and fast for their customers.

When you hear everything that’s involved in The Graphic Cow’s order creation and delivery process, you’ll understand their critical need for an accountant that can adapt to their unique business needs. For The Graphic Cow, no two days are the same because no two customers or orders are the same for them. When the time came to choose an accountant, The Graphic Cow President Jim Hendrix interviewed several different firms and ultimately chose Greyrock because of their willingness to customize and adapt. According to Jim, “The other firms gave us their process and their requirements. They all had so many requirements and do’s and don’ts. With Greyrock, they asked us how we wanted our relationship to work. I remember they told us in the beginning, if in a few months it isn’t working for either of us, we can reassess and modify to make sure it works.” That was a little over five years ago, and now The Graphic Cow considers Greyrock an integral part of their team. “No two weeks are ever the same for us, because of the role they play for us, and the confidence we have in them. They have a direct role and really get to be a true part of The Graphic Cow,” Hendrix says.

The Graphic Cow relies on the Greyrock team for all of their book keeping, accounting services, bill pay, reconciliations, and related activities. But, what The Graphic Cow really values the most about Greyrock is that they can do anything needed at any time. Typical for any small business, things come up all the time. Software gets discontinued, there is a change in merchant services, any day can bring a new challenge or change. Each time, The Graphic Cow turns to Greyrock, and the trust and relationship is there to simply allow them to “take the ball and run with it.”

Hendrix gives his team and Greyrock’s team equal access to contact each other, and truly considers Greyrock an extension of his own team. Greyrock’s relationship and knowledge of the business allows The Graphic Cow to focus on what they do best, eliminating the intimidation and worry that often arises when trying to manage the financial side of the business themselves. It’s a relationship that lets The Graphic Cow focus on fun, fast, world-class custom apparel for its customers, which is exactly how it should be.