KIYATEC, a Greenville-based biotech company with a mission to advance development of its 3-D cancer research model for breast, ovarian, lung and brain cancers has made the news several times this year.

The company, which hired its first employee seven years ago, is working to develop cancer diagnostic technology with the promise of allowing doctors to be able to discern which drugs will work best with each patient’s particular cancer.

“This personalized medicine approach, if successful, could help patients respond better to their treatment and avoid unnecessary drug side effects from treatments that do not work,” KIYATEC chief executive officer Matt Gevaert, told Upstate Business Journal.

UBJ also recently reported Kiyatec will collaborate with the Mayo Clinic to expand the number of ovarian cancer patients who can be treated through a personalized medicine model.

“We want to test the drugs the patient could get and have an accurate read on what the patient would respond to,” Gevaert said. “Then we could give that information back to the doctor to help determine how the patient is treated.”

“The world will be a much better place if ovarian cancer patients knew which drugs would work before they take the drugs,” Gevaert concluded.

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